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This is the bed built by Hugh Whitfield Cunningham for his bride Sarah Ann May as a wedding gift in 1837.  It is still in use today and is a cherished possession of  Archie and Ann Geoghegan of Mississippi.  Archie is a great-great grandson of Hugh Whitfield Cunningham and Sarah Ann May.  All of the children of David Whitfield Cunningham were born in this bed including Archie's great-grandmother, Lizzie Cunningham Vaughan and his grandmother, Rennie Elizabeth Vaughan Geoghegan.

John Weir Cunningham, brother of our Hugh Whitfield Cunningham,

and his son, Robert Orr Cunningham

John Erskin Cuningham, son of Ebenezer Cunningham, brother of our Hugh!


Isaac Moore Cunningham, younger brother of John Erskin Cunningham

(Note: Isaac was injured in the face during the War Between the States)

This photo was found in David Cunningham's bible also

and we believe it is David Whitfield Cunningham



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