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Conant (Canant), James Hardy (married Amanda Ann Cunningham)
Cunningham, Alzenith Adelia (married Robert Farr Corban-daughter of Hugh Whitfield)
Cunningham, Amanda Ann (married James Hardy Conant (Canant)daughter of Ebenezer)
Cunningham, Cornelia Adelaide (married A.B. Walker)
Cunningham, David Whitfield (married Lydia Herring Gordon and Emma Gates Moore - son of Hugh    Whitfield Cunningham)
Cunningham, Donnell Lafayette (son of Ebenezer Cunningham - moved to Arizona)
Cunningham, Ebenezer (brother of Hugh Whitfield Cunningham)
Cunningham, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  (daughter of John Weir Cunningham- never married))
Cunningham, Ella (daughter of Ebenezer Cunningham- never married)
Cunningham, Isaac Moore (son of Ebenezer Cunningham- never married - moved to Arkansas)
Cunningham, James (brother of Hugh Whitfield Cunningham)
Cunningham, James ("Old Uncle James", brother of Hugh Whitfield's father)
Cunningham, John Erskin (married Polly McCullough)
Cunningham, Maria Jane "Jennie" (married John F. Young and Joseph N. Browder)
May, Sarah Ann (wife of Hugh Whitfield Cunningham)
Walker, A.B. (husband of  Neelie Cunningham)
Young, John F. Young (first husband of Jennie Cunningham)

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